Para-motoring In India


If you have excitement and adventure on your mind, then para-motoring in Gurgaon can be an excellent choice. The thrill of flying in the sky gives a great adrenaline rush and a chance to see the landscape below from a bird’s eye view.


It is a simple act unlike other flying adventure activities and involves a powered paraglider, which is formed by an engine, a propeller within a cage and an integrated seat harness. All these are mounted on a trike with wheels.



Just pass over the legacy of Old heritage & Bolt-on an exhilarating para motoring ride over the Pink City!



Experience the everlasting adventure of free flying with the hot new sport of paramotoring!

With nothing between you and the blue skies this is the closet you get to “growing your own wings”. Get strapped-up in a comfortable seat and let experienced pilots take you for a ride of a lifetime & enjoy sea breeze on your face.