Best bed in box mattress for people suffering from back pain

Bed in box mattresses are gaining popularity day by day.  They are close to becoming a whole new industry. Many consumers now prefer online buying, and online buying of mattresses has become more reliable because of the long sleep trails ( up to 1 year ) and warranties. Most of the bed in box mattresses offer a lifetime warranty, and that’s why consumers buy them without any hesitation. These sleep trials and guarantees have overcome the drawback of online buying, which was ” buying without trying.”

Perfect bed in box mattress for back pain

Bed inbox is a whole new concept. It started back in 2006 and gained popularity after 2015. Many companies have been established that are committed to providing you the best bed in a box at adorable prices. 

One of the best beds in box mattresses comes with multiple comfort layers of memory foam that give pressure relief and ideal support.  This bed in box mattress comes with a thick layer of memory foam along with a dense polyfoam layer. The firmness level is 6, which comes under the medium firmness category. So it gives comfort along with appropriate support. Thick pocket coils and polyfoam base gives ideal support. The coils allow appropriate airflow, which helps in regulating the temperature and keeps the mattress cool. This bed in a box mattress is best for back and hip pain.  Medium firmness makes it suitable for every body type. Surprisingly, this bed in a box mattress is quite inexpensive. It is still quite affordable with so many features and attributes, so do not worry about the budget. It also comes with a 1-year sleep trial and lifetime warranty. Yes!! You heard it right.  You have got your new bed, and it is time to get rid of your back pain. For more reviews check simplyrest.

One of the best bed in box mattresses is made of polyfoam. This model is made of two Aircell layers of polyfoam. This material conforms to your body just like memory foam, and also, your body does not sink too much. The base layers are made of thick polyfoam that helps in stabilizing the bed. This mattress is considered best for people suffering from lower back pain. The cover of this mattress is infused with a microban which prevents the mattress from dust particles and various contaminants. Motion isolation is one of the core features of this mattress.  The upper two layers of the mattress absorb movement from the sleeper to reduce transfer. This mattress has a firmness level of 5 and it is considered ideal for sleepers who weigh up to 230 pounds.  Side sleepers of weight below 230 pounds receive ideal cushioning for hip and shoulders. The mattress comes with a 1-year sleep trial and life time warranty. Last but not least, this bed in a box mattress has quite a reasonable price, making it worthy.  Getting your mattress at your doorstep plus saving time, effort and bucks is not a bad deal.