Rock & Ropes

1) Bungee in Rishekesh

Jumping Heights, located in Mohan Chatti village, has been rated as one of the most preferred bungee jumping destinations in India. It is the only place in India where bungee jumping can be done from a fixed platform. A Cantilever platform is built over a rocky cliff which is 83 meters above ground level, making it the highest and the most thrilling bungee jumping location in India.

2) Bungee in Delhi

If you are looking for a decent bungee jumping location in the North, Delhi would be one of the best choice. It offers crane jumps from 130 ft above the ground level. Any adventure enthusiast between the age group of 14 to 50 years can perform this thrilling sport.
Goa:-If you are planning to go to Goa any time soon, you can try your first bungee jump at Gravity zone. It is located near Anjuna beach, which is one of the most popular attractions in Goa. It has set up a permanent 25-meter-high tower for Bungee jumping which costs around 500 rupees per jump. Since the jumping platform is not really high, you can always choose it to be your first bungee jumping location.

3) Bungee in Lonavala

Lonavala is one of the largest adventure parks in India. It is also a popular bungee jumping destination. The jumping platform is 45 meters and the leap lasts for around 4 to 5 minutes. It is only suitable for those aged above 10 year.

4) Bungee in Chattisgarh,

Bungee Jumping in Chattisgarh is a major activity, which is largely enjoyed by all adventurous souls. If you love adventure and wish for adventure sports then Chhattisgarh is the paradise for you. Located in the center of India, this state is marked with distinct topographical features. Hill plateaus and water falls make the place ideal for the bungee jumpers. Bungee Jumping in Chattisgarh will be an enriching and a unique experience.

5)  Bungee & Conyon Swing in Nepal

Imagine a bridge over a 160m high tropical gorge, with one of Nepal’s wildest rivers,
raging below… Now jump!
The Canyon Swing  in Nepal is the world’s highest giant swing, offering you a full-on, adrenaline-filled, gravity-defying adventure.

6) Rock climbing at Shey Rock, Leh

A mountaineer delight, the shey rock region of Leh is perfect for rock climbing in summers. It is the only peak to be climbed in Leh and thus there are a lot of visitors who indulge in basic rock climbing at least, when in the region. The localities too would help and guide you in getting the hang of rock climbing and thus, the experience is whole lot of fun! The rock formations are very unique and beautiful and thus amateurs too can give a try for rock climbing here. Indulge in local sight seeing too, while at it!

7) Rock-climbing in Ramnagar

Ramanagara hills are very popular for rock climbing in the south of India. Climbers undertake technical rock climbing here and most of the group of climbers here is formed of professionals. There are many rocky outcrops here and one can have a glimpse of the same as soon as one enters Ramnagar. The popular peaks are Ramadevara Betta, SRS Betta and Thenginkalbetta. The many tall granitic hills are apt for short rock climbs, ideal for amateur climbers.

8) Rock-climbing in Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat in Maharashtra is a quaint place but popular nonetheless with rock climbers. The place is ideal for hiking, trekking and other allied activities. There is lush greenery here and the place is heavenly during monsoons and especially after the first rainfalls. There are iconic forts, temples and caves in the vicinity and one must explore these while indulging in rock climbing and rappelling. The unusual hill is very ideal for amateur rock climbing as well as for learning.

9) Parvati valley, Himachal Pradesh

The parvati valley is a very rocky valley of Himachal Pradesh and is characterized by many alpine flowers plantations and rocky outcrops. Mica is found in great number in this valley. The many rocky outcrops ensure that one get sample opportunity for rock climbing. The place is a back packer’s haven and thus a favorite trekking location too. People crowd to the valley just to take part in the favorite rock climbing expeditions held so frequently in the region.

10) Rock-climbing in Miyar valley

Located in the heart of the great mountains, the Miyar valley is an obvious choice for rock climbers of India and abroad. The valley is also popularly known as the valley of flowers. Lush forests, beautiful snow covered peaks, the feisty rivers, and picturesque tiny villages are the major highlights of the valley apart from the rock climbing peaks. It borders with Zanskar and ladakh, another major regions for trekking and camping. The valley is breathtaking beautiful, and rock climbing in such ideal conditions is definitely something one must not miss out on.

11) Bungee in Bangalore 

Bangalore is also one of the most popular bungee jumping locations in India. Here bungee jumping is conducted from the height of 80 feet above the ground and unlike jumping heights, there is no fixed platform. The entire equipment is fastened to a 130-ft-high mobile crane. Anyone between the age group of 18 and 60 years can enjoy this adrenaline pumping experience.