Sky-diving in India

Skydiving, as an extreme sport is still at a very nascent stage in India but its popularity and presence is slowly spreading. And if you’ve been sufficiently excited by GoProskydiving videos on Youtube but don’t want to shell out too much cash on your first jump, here are a few options within India that you could explore.

1) Mysore, Karnataka


Located a few hours away from Bengaluru, at the base of the Chamundi Hills, Mysore has hosted several skydiving camps in the past, the camp gives you the options of static jumps, tandem jumps and accelerated freefalls to choose from, all while enjoying a fantastic view of the landscape.It gets conducted on scheduled dates.

2) Dhana, Madhya Pradesh


In the heart of India, nearly 200 kms east of Bhopal lies Dhana, a faintly populated town inSagar district. Home to an air strip that frequently hosts skydiving camps for adventure enthusiasts. The 4000 ft. jump might not give you much freefall time, but the experience of gazing over the vast emptiness of the landscape is worth the few minutes of unaided flight. India’s first skydiving camp