Treks In India

1) Garhwal

Garhwal trekking in Uttarakhand can be the most meaningful and attractive trekking destination to explore the Himalayan foothills. Garhwal that beholds the most pious journey of Chardham and is famed for the sacred abode of Gods is also popular for astonishing trekking experiences. The adventure travel in Garhwal offers trekking, camping and hiking for energetic outdoor moments.

2) Ladakh

Ladakh is one place which is considered as a heaven by those who search places to gain the thrill of adventure. Apart from trekking in Ladakh one can also indulge in other adventure activities such as mountain climbing and biking, safaris, water rafting etc. Also suavely called as the ‘Land of Passes’, the region forms the magnificent part of the state of Jammu & Kashmir.Ladakh is situated an altitude ranging between 2750 – 7672 meters, above sea level. The place is blessed with an amazing topography that comprises of hilly terrain, rocky cliffs, lush green grasslands and high altitude peaks. It offers a number of trekking tours for travellers and is one of main the reason that adventure fanatics from across the globe head to Ladakh.

3) Himachal Pradesh

The state of Himachal Pradesh is blessed with immense beauty. True to its name, the state lies in the lap of the Himalayas, surrounded by splendid natural beauty. The state has been a popular tourist destination for years now due to its flawless beauty and scenic splendour. However, it is gradually emerging as a popular trekking destination among adventure enthusiasts. The diverse terrain of the state allows for a number of adventure activities, of which trekking is the most popular.

Irrespective of your experience at trekking, Himachal trekking trails test your capability and limits while offering some of the best panoramic views of the Himalayan mountain range.

4) Sikkim Trekking Tours

It has been blessed with Mighty snow capped mountain peaks, unspoilt nature, geographical condition and varieties of Flora and Fauna that offers a lot for the lovers of Adventure Tourism. Apart from Trekking, Tours and Mountaineering, sikkim offers various other activities like Mountain biking, River Rafting, Paragliding, Birds and Butterfly watching and many more.

Trekking in Sikkim is a wonderful experience an antidote to city stress of daily life and its memories will be cherished life long. While trekking one relishes the Pure air and the silence of the wilderness and feels the awakening of senses dulled by Urban Living.

5)  Trekking Tours Jammu & Kashmir

With trails ranging from easy to difficult, trekking in Kumaon Himalaya is one of the most enjoyed and anticipated adventure activities. According to the level of difficulties, the treks in Kumaon are divided under three categories namely, easy, moderate and difficult.

Kumaon offer several short treks that offer easy yet beautiful trails, so that along with trekking one can enjoy the splendid views as well. There are two popular easy trekking routes in Kumaon. Kafni Glacier Trek (4000m) is approximately a 12 days trek that begins from Song that is about 40kms away from Bageshwar. Pindari Glacier Trek (3900m) is amongst one of the most popular trekking routes in Kumaon Himalaya. It is a 13 days trek that begins from Loharkhet, which is 130 km from Almora.

6) Trekking Tours Jammu & Kashmir

The trekking season in Jammu & Kashmir extends from July through September. Trekking in Jammu & Kashmir is of different kind, one may go for trekking for a week or for a day. People cannot feel like they are away from the human life, even on hills the huts of Gujars can be seen made up of log of wood, they use to graze their sheeps on the lonely hills. In Ladakh some treks have monasteries as their focus and in Kashmir some treks have mountain lakes as their focus. One trek in particular covers half a dozen high altitude lakes, encircled by snow covered mountains. In Jammu, Kishtwar and Bhadarwar regions have excellent trekking routes.

7) Trekking Tours in Nilgiri, Tamil Nadu

The Nilgiri are a trekker’s paradise. Landscaped by nature, the hills abound in trek for lovers of nature. There are treks and treks in whichever direction you turn and from whichever point you start. A trek can be full of thrill, excitement and adventure and a way of seeing and enjoying nature in all its beauty and splendour.

One of the best things about trekking in Nilgiris is that the treks aren’t treacherous and even novices can have some great time here. Unlike the ravenous and mighty Himalayas, Nilgiris are less intimidating and you can often see backpackers traversing across the blue stretches.