Why Adventure Saga

Our outdoor learning programs with children are led by qualified instructors, who have several years of experience of working with children.
Our trips are more than just excursions, they are in fact a nurture field for a child’s emotional, Physical andcreative growth.
Camp Edventure : Here children are given space to explore their individuality. They are allowed and encouraged to express themselves .
We entrust them with learning to take responsibility for themselves and their actions while they are away from parental control.

The Team

A group of professionals, each an expert in his own right. The team at Camp includes experts from varied fields – Management leaders, Adventure industry,Certified adventure activity professionals.

Best Camp Location

Rishikesh, Manali, Leh

Certified Trainers & Equipments

We very well understand our responsibility while working with children, we use the best imported gear used for adventure activities and follow strict safety standards.

Our trips are aimed at guiding children to:

  1. Develop emotional and social skills.
  2. Develop confidence by overcoming challenges and learning new things.
  3. Connect with their spiritual selves and restore their innocence, spontaneity and presence.
  4. To understand themselves, their dreams, goals and desires
  5. Strengthen their individuality and sense of self.
  6. Develop healthy relationships and bonding with others.
  7. Learn to love and be loved.
  8. To express themselves and learn to celebrate life.


Glimpse of Few activities that we organize:

1. Hiking, 2. Angling, 3. Mountain Biking, 4. Archery, 5. Singing, 6. Rope courses, 7. Tent Pitching, 8. Bird Watching, 9. Dancing, 10. Rock-climbing, 11. Rappelling, 12. River Crossing, 13. Role playing, 14. Yoga and mindfulness, 15. Active meditations, 16. Understanding Feelings and emotions, 17. Understanding relationships, 18. Expressing feelings and developing intimacy, 19. Day-dreaming, 20. Various sports, 21. Kite flying, 22. Village Visits, 23. Swimming, 24. Music & 25. Writing.

Key advantage that we offer on our DAY OUT programs

15 Acres of owned “All Season camp” at safe distance from the city ( 12 Kms)
More than 50 Activity options to choose from
Operational expertise to customize the “Day Out” program as per Group needs
Excellent food ( Fresh vegetables sourced from camp “ Fertilizer Free” garden)
Expertise to conduct Nature study trips & Science based trips ( Through sister concern- ISEM)
Corporate structure of the company ensures Credibility, deliverance & consistency
Expertise to conduct leadership & personality development programs
Boot & Conditioning camp facility
Certified Trainers
Expertise to conduct leadership & personality development programs
Certified & well acknowledged equipment
Competitive pricing
Capacity utilization expertise of around 300 participants /day at Camp